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Identity Pilots on the Blockchain — Lessons Learnt

Blockchain is not just making identity easy, it makes identity possible.
We analysed 3 identity pilots on blockchain and extracted the most valuable lessons for you. Find out how Estonia became a digital nation; how R3 showcases the opportunity of traditional businesses to play in this brave new blockchain world; how a beer machine can check your age.



Reimagining Identity with Blockchain

Identity is a fundamental asset of interaction.
In our data-driven society, we use identification in countless of different ways. Frankly, identity has become a bit of a mess.

At MintBit we’ve defined three identity interfaces within today’s society.


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Mobility Pilots on the Blockchain — Lessons Learnt

Similar to how the internet developed, blockchain innovation began on protocol-level. However, to make a business case for decentralised ledger technologies we need to know how to apply them in the real world. What are real-life mobility applications for blockchain and the wider decentralised technology family today?

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Reimagining Mobility With Blockchain

Similar to the internet, blockchain technology is sector-agnostic. However, similar to how internet applications differ from healthcare to automotive, and blockchain’s innovation principles are expressed differently as well. One of the areas in which blockchain is increasingly being utilised is mobility.



Learning from Blockchain Pilots

If we’re all going to learn, let’s learn together. Don’t repeat the mistakes of others. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Pilots Covered

  1. VISA — B2B Connect

  2. World Food Program — Building Blocks

  3. DeBeers — Tracr


Today, Blockchain Has a Problem

The main characteristic that defines today’s professional blockchain consulting services is that they are nowhere to be found. This is a problem.

Disruptive innovation doesn’t just happen at random. Industry incumbents perpetually face the risk of displacement by new entrants using new technologies and new approaches. These disruptive approaches follow patterns. Enter blockchain.





What is Web 3.0? What are the qualities of a great blockchain developer? Which cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on? What are common blockchain myths?

In this short interview, Venturi Ltd unveils the perspective of Arwen Smit, the founder and CEO of MintBit.